Y-DNA for both the McIntyre and Sullivan lines has been tested. The results are provided under the Y-DNA hyperlink. It should be noted that the McIntyre DNA results have some similar matches to other individuals who carry the McIntyre (or similar) last name. However, the Sullivan DNA tested does not match other individuals with the Sullivan/Soroghan name. Rather, there are similarities to Y-DNA tests for the McCabe family name.

Additional Y-DNA testing is required for both lines so as to determine the time frames for the various divergencies.


Mitochondrial DNA

My mitochondrial DNA has been tested and falls into the haplogroup category of "Katrina" or "K" or more specifically K2a. Read more about the various "Daughters of Eve" in the section on Mitochondrial DNA.  In addition, the 5000 year old Iceman, whose body was discovered in 1991 in the mountains near Bolzano, Italy, also shares the same mitochondrial DNA as I do making "Otiz" one of my oldest cousins!


Autosomal DNA

I had my autosomal DNA tested in 2010 with FamilyFinderDNA. Since then I have also tested with Ancestry.com and 23&Me.  Although I haven't found any "relatives" that I can prove through genealogy documentation, I have been in contact with a number of individuals who match me with sufficient centimorgans and segments to be identified as 2nd to 3rd cousins.  Work needs to be done to see if we can find a common ancestor in the recent past.  Not an easy task with Irish genealogy.

X Chromosome

When you test for autosomal DNA you received the results of 23 pairs of chromosomes, The first 22 matched pairs are called "autosomes" and the 23rd pair is often called the "sex" chromosomes. As a woman my 23rd pair is a combination of the X I received from my Dad and the X I received from my Mom.  A male would receive an X from his Mom and a Y from his Dad. The "sex" chromosomes are inherited differently than the other 22 "autosomes."