March 11, 2014, is Helen May Sullivan McIntyre's 100th birthday. She didn't live to see the day, but she sure enjoyed her 94 year run.

In the photos in the video when she is young, you can see a glimmer in her eyes that is an omen of her fun adult self.

I find it interesting that in the earliest photo I could find of Helen she is standing next to "Teddy," her beloved bear. At her 50th wedding anniversary she is holding "Baby" her current stuffo of choice. Baby traveled all over with Helen during her later adult life. At her death, he was hidden away so no one would toss him out. Today, Baby lives with Helen's daughter, Elaine.

Between the two stuffos mentioned above and concurrent with Baby, Helen had numerous stuffed animals, all named and all loved.

You may wonder why the title of the video is "Happy 100th Birthday Seedy." When Helen put together a scrapbook for her first grandchild, she signed it KG for Kooky Grandma. Everyone thought it funny and when Catherine was born, we referred to Helen as KG. However, Catherine couldn't say KG, but could say CD, which became Seedy. Her three grandchildren called her Seedy their entire lives. But, when they had children of their own, Helen's great grandchildren called her Gigi (short for Great Grandma)! Another name she invented for herself.