Margaret Quinn1

F, b. January 1881, d. 17 February 1930


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P. Quinn1

M, b. 1915, d. 1981
  • Birth*: P. was born in 1915.1
  • Marriage*: He married Philomena Ruane circa 1960.1
  • Death*: P. died in 1981.1

Family: Philomena Ruane b. 1925, d. 1984


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Patrick Quinn1



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Patrick Quinn1

M, b. circa February 1884, d. 1 November 1888
  • Birth*: Patrick Quinn was born circa February 1884 at Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA.1
  • Death*: He died on 1 November 1888 at Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA.
    Quinn -- Nov 1, Patsy, beloved and only son of Dan and Margaret Quinn (nee Madigan), aged 4 years and 9 months. Funeral from parents' residence, No. 2851 Emerald avenue tomorrow, at 11 o'clock, by carriages to Calvary.
    The Daily Inter Ocean, Nov. 2, 1888, page 8.1
  • Name Variation: As of 1 November 1888, Patrick Quinn was also known as Patsy.1
  • Burial*: He was buried on 3 November 1888 at Calvary Cemetery, Evanston, Cook County, Illinois, USA.1


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Theresa Quinn1,2

F, b. 24 March 1879, d. 10 November 1928

Family: John J. Gelenius b. 20 Jan 1865, d. 12 Jan 1934


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Unknown Quinn




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Minnie Raddatz1

F, b. 1898, d. 1973

Minnie Raddatz Westlake Gravestone, Ridgewood Cemetery, Des Plaines, Illinois

Family: William Westlake (Wessolick) b. 1901, d. 22 Nov 1955


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Concepcion Ramos1

F, d. 23 January 1913
  • Birth*: Concepcion Ramos was born at Mexico.3
  • Name Variation: Concepcion Ramos was also known as Conchita Conchita is a nickname for Concepcion.
  • Marriage*: She married Bartholomew McIntyre, son of Patrick McIntyre and Bridget Stevens, on 7 July 1887 at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, San Francisco, San Francisco County, California, USA. Married by Rev. Antonio Santandreu. Witnesses were Maria Leonard and Theodora Perez.1,4
  • Married Name: As of circa 1878,her married name was McIntyre.1
  • Death*: Concepcion Ramos died on 23 January 1913 at San Salvador, El Salvador.

    Yesterday at four in the afternoon

    The internment of the cadaver of the very esteemed matron, Doña Concepción R. de McIntire, was attended by numerous an selected concurrence, an evident proof of the high esteem that the deceased had during her life.

    The home of the McIntire family is submersed in the most painful of sorrows. The firm maternal backbone is now missing, and today her children surround their heart broken father who has forever lost the companion of his life.

    That home, model of homes, because of their noble qualities of hard work and honesty, is now convered with the black crape of orphanhood, and is an example of the worthiness of the union of two beings that love and virtue has merged together.

    This is the reason that we, the friends of the McIntire family, lament the irreparable disgrace that is now overwhelming them, and we pray that resignation mitigates their grief.

    Among the many floral arrangements received as a tribute to the deceased, we take note of the following:

    General F. Figueroa, Mr. and Mrs. C. Meléndez, Teresa Carbia, M.R. de Meléndez, J.V. de Uriarte, Angel M. Valiente, JoefinaValencia, Manuel S. González, Jacinto Ciudad Real and family, Angelina de McIntire, Jacoba de Quinteros, Federico Klein, Constantino Funes...(the pressclipping is ripped at that corner)
    Newspaper clipping not dated. Translation by Patricia Morales Tijerino, August 10, 2013.5
  • Burial*: She was buried after 23 January 1913 at El Cementerio General de San Salvador Cemetery, San Salvador, El Salvador; Her gravestone reads:
    Translation provided by Patricia Morales Tijerino, August 10, 2013.6
  • (Named) Will: She is mentioned in the will of Bartholomew McIntyre on 7 November 1924 at National Palace, San Salvador, El Salvador; Bartolo created a "Public Deed of the Last Will and Testament' on November 7, 1924, just 10 days before he died. A copy of the will can be viewed at:

Family: Bartholomew McIntyre b. b 1 May 1854, d. 17 Nov 1924


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Alan Rankin1

  • Biography*: Lorraine and Mr. Rankin had two sons. Mr. Rankin was Lorraine's first husband. In 2003, the two sons were living in Arlington, VA and outside of Lansing, MI. During her first marriage Lorraine was living in Michigan, in or near Kalamazoo. She shared this with Elaine Watson when they met for lunch on March 25, 2003.2
  • Marriage*: He married Lorraine Alice Cooper.

Family: Lorraine Alice Cooper b. 15 Apr 1913, d. 23 Feb 2007


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John Reck1

M, b. before 1870
  • Birth*: John Reck was born before 1870. Date is estimated based on date of birth of his daughter Catharine.1
  • Marriage*: He married Renata Shirk before 1890.1
  • Blog*: John Reck was mentioned in a blog at Batke/Reck Genealogy Blog on 27 March 2010.2

Family: Renata Shirk b. b 1870


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