On an early summer day in 1997 in the outskirts of London, more than 30 people, most of whom I am related to by blood, gathered at Maria Farrelly's home to welcome me to England and to the part of my family that lives across the pond. Maria is my third cousin and now lives in Ireland.

With the exception of myself, all the attendees were the offspring, or spouses of the offspring, of P. Billy Haran and Bridget McIntyre. Billy and Bridget took over the McIntyre Family farm in Lislea, County Sligo from Bridget's father, Lawrence McIntyre. Lawrence was the father of my grandfather, Thomas, who ventured to the United States.

They had five daughers: May, Tessie, Annie, Bridie, and Josie. Three of the daughters were in attendance at the Family Gathering in 1997. The other two, Tessie and Bridie, I met in the 1980s when I visited the McIntyre/Haran/Cafferty farm. Tessie and Bridie are shown with me standing in front of the family home near the end of the video. The last photo is of the five sisters, taken sometime in the 1970s.

Although I have included this video under "Family Reunions," I am not sure that is precise as I think it is hard to have a reunion if you have not yet met the individuals. So, I call this a "Gathering." Hopefully, one day, I will be able to have a "Reunion" with my cousins across the ocean.