In the 1858 Griffith's Valuation for County Sligo, an Austin Cauly (Cawley) occupied a farm adjacent to John Walsh in the townland of Knockahoney.

Patrick O'Hara, great-grandson of John Walsh tells the story of Bridget Cawley, who lived on the Cauly/Cawley farm with her brother Anthony and who married John Walsh's son, John also known as Jack Walsh.

Jack Walsh and Bridget Cawley lived on the Walsh farm after they married and had 9 children. Their daugher Bridget married Austin O'Hara and is the grandmother of Patrick. Jack and Bridget's daughter Ellen, married Thomas J. McIntyre and is the grandmother of Elaine McIntyre Beaudoin.

The video views the Ancestral Cawley farm from the Walsh farm which Patrick O'Hara currently owns and uses for hay.

Video: July, 2011, Elaine Beaudoin