The leather bound, 6 inch by 4 inch "Key of Heaven: A Prayer Book for Catholics" belonged to Nell Sullivan.  In her own handwriting, on the inside page, it reads: "Nell T. Sullivan, 18 No. Latrobe Ave., (Mrs. A. A. Sullivan). Servite Fathers Mission, John Calkins, Father Birch"

On the following page, also in Nell's handwriting, it reads: "Please return to Mrs. A. A. Sullivan 18 No Latrobe Ave if lost"

The prayer book has a copyright of 1942 from the Catholic Book Publishing Co. United States and Canada.

The prayer book, like the one used by her husband, covers prayers for holy days of obligation, lay baptism, day and evening prayers, as well as for Mass, confession, Holy Communion, Benediction, weddings, etc.  It also includes a lengthy list of psalms and hymns.

It is assumed Nell used this booklet for The Way of The Cross, as this section is quite worn and many of the pages are loose.  This is not the case for the remainder of the prayer book.

Nell was a spiritual person who went to Mass every morning and most likely regularly said The Way of the Cross using this prayer booklet.

The prayer book is kept with other heirlooms in the Beaudoin's Resource Room.