On a 2000 visit to see Fr. Thomas McIntyre, CM, in California, he took me to the Vincentian storage facility where his personal items were stored. He wished to give me some items he had collected overtime as he worked on the family genealogy. One item was this flute which was originally glued to burlap and affixed in a frame.

Fr. Tom told me the flute belonged to his uncle, John McIntyre, b 1892 in Lislea, County Sligo. He also told me that John was excellent at playing the flute.

Glued on the burlap, along with the flute, was a "party-type" favor in the shape of a small fan (perhaps 5" by 3") and tied with a pink ribbon which reads: "Eva Ruben Jose" and had silver bells printed on one strip of the ribbon. On the other strip of the ribbon it reads December 16, 1989. I do not know the relationship between the flute and the fan. I have also kept the "party-type" fan favor.